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May 21, 2016

This top five is based on a few criteria, firstly yes each vintage blog I mention is one of my personal favourites that I not only enjoy reading but also I often learn something from. That leads me to the second criteria, I tend to feel that each one adds to the overall ‘conversation’ and you can always be guaranteed of learning something new or being reminded of something you haven’t thought about in a while, and lastly they all offer something slightly different or at the very least they offer a different angle or a variation on a theme if you will.

Chronically Vintage, this is a delightful blog and probably what I would call the ‘all rounder’. Described as a ‘digital scrapbook’ Jessica covers a wide range of areas and offers inspiration in the fashion, history, cuisine and culture of the past, with a particular emphasis on the 1930s – 1950s, she gives a lovely overall view of vintage life and style & her love of all things vintage is positively infectious! She also has an Etsy shop hosting a range of vintage jewellery, trinkets and beauties.

Glamour Daze… I love this blog! It’s subheading says it all really, “a vintage fashion and beauty archive”! I have no idea where they get their content or how long they must spend searching for it but honestly this is my ‘go to’ for any original, archived material or research. For example one of their most recent posts documents the first fashion show from Paris post-WWII liberation (Fall 1944). The article is a delight and images are stunning, truly a celebration of the closing of such a tumultuous era of war! They also have a YouTube channel where you can find the most delightful range of rare vintage delights & oddities such as a Max Factor MakeUp Masterclass – 1935 Film . – given by Mr. Max Factor himself!

A Few Threads Loose… Ahhh there are so many reasons for loving this blog and revelling in Mrs Depew’s goodies.  If you are a home sewer, if you love vintage patterns and discussions about vintage patterns & sewing techniques or getting involved in the odd sew-a-long focused on some vintage inspired pretties then this is your go to blog.  She also has a wonderful range of vintage patterns for sale

The Dreamstress. What can I say about The Dreamstress other than she (and her blog) is pure delight! Now the thing to be very clear about here is that The Dreamstress has a far wider yet more specialised focus. As a fashion and textile historian, much of Leimomi’s work is based around a much wider range or era’s, time periods & epochs. You will find anything you ever wanted to know about Ancient Egyptian style all the way through to the 20th century. I love that she has a mix of different posts from project commentary, ‘rate the dress.’ & now she also sells vintage inspired patterns.

The Vintage Pattern Files. If you are a knitter of crocheter you will love this site! Wendy scours the world looking for vintage patterns to archive and offer… wait for it… for free! Primarily an archive for knitting and crochet patterns but you will find a few sewing patterns (or instructions) etc. All the patterns I have looked at so far have been clear and easy to read & I have personally attempted a few of the crochet patterns &  have found them relatively easily and yet I wouldn’t consider myself an expert crocheter by any means! Her pattern files so far span the majority of last century and into the 1800’s, the collection is vast and you can easily lose yourself, especially if you are someone like me who loves patterns!

So those are my top 5… Check them out, enjoy them and let me know what your top 5 are!


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    Great reviews of these blogs. I love all things vintage, so this was a great insight. Thanks for sharing! x

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      Miss Wendy

      Many thanks sweetie, ahh, a lady after my own heart… Welcome to my passion!

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