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As a costume and etiquette historian, I delight in recreating historical and vintage style so I guess the question is… What are you looking for? An original vintage piece? A vintage-inspired gown or outfit? A vintage-inspired makeup look? A vintage styled event?

My range of products include:

  • A small line of vintage-inspired clothes – specific eras, the 1920’s through to the 1960’s
  • Occasional original vintage pieces sourced from around the globe.
  • Coming soon… A line of vintage-inspired sewing patterns for both ladies and children
  • Coming soon… a “living vintage” eBook
  • Coming soon… a pinup photoshoot DIY eBook


  • I offer design and construction of original one-off vintage-inspired gowns, from any era!
  • Vintage-inspired styling
  • Vintage inspired makeup artistry
  • The planning and coordination of vintage themed events
  • Coming soon… The vintage sewing club
  • Coming soon… Miss Marlene’s Charm school – both for ladies and gentlemen.

Keep an eye out for new developments and stay in touch!


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